Graduating from the Ingénieur Agronome de Rennes school in “Plant Selection and Improvement” and Oenology-Viticulture program in Montpellier, Thomas Dormegnies has been a vine selection specialist in vine nurseries for 18 years. This work in vegetal archeology, also known as “massal selection”, aims to detect future vine material from old vineyards still unknown to propagation in nurseries.

Thomas wanders the old vineyards of France and Europe in search of the largest genetic diversity possible, from the most multiplied international varieties to “modest” or forgotten varieties. This work requires solid knowledge in vegetal physiology as well as ampelography, the art of distinguishing varieties from one another through their leaves, shoots and fruit.

Thomas’s involvement at the Berillon vine nursery leads him to follow the plantation projects of their clients, consulting on the choice of vine material as well as soil management. This is a global approach that links agronomy and pedology for plantation transmissions and long lasting impacts.

Simultaneously a winemaker on the Atlantic coast of France, between La Rochelle and Nantes, Thomas has a complete experience of viticulture, future plant material selection, to vinification and the commercialization of wine.

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