21 July 2021

Producers adapting to climate change

In his desire to recover abandoned Catalonian grapes once popular in the Middle Ages, Miguel Torres found multiple grapes that are adapted the climate change.
15 July 2021

Off the beaten track

Franz Weninger is determined to keep the local traditions alive. In 2018, he started the “Rage Against The Machine” project to amplify like-minded producer’s voices and raise awareness on the importance of hand-harvesting.
23 June 2021

The Classics of Tomorrow

Many wine regions are trying to adapt to their new reality, with record high temperatures, droughts and consecutive atypical growing seasons. This shift is very apparent in marginal climate wine producing countries like Germany.
26 May 2021

Celebrating the arrival of summer

It is exciting to see more quality focused producers choosing alternative packaging for their wines. With most wines being consumed hours after purchase, aluminium cans are a convenient planet-friendly vessel for ready to drink wine styles to enjoy wine on-the-go!