Cono Sur: For the Love of the Earth

Established in 1993, Cono Sur has been a pioneer in the wine industry. They were amongst the first winery to recognize that climate change was going to be the biggest challenge of our future. They have adopted sustainable practices from the very beginning with the aim to generate more biodiversity in the vineyards and promote healthy grapes and soils.

Cono Sur’s commitment to the environment is inspiring. They were the first winery in the world to be carbon neutral in… 2007! This was made possible by a combination of important decisions. They installed solar panels to produce renewable energy and began to monitor water usage and energy consumption.

Cono Sur also made the decision to compensate their emissions generated by transportation of their products through the CarbonNeutral® delivery certification. In other words, trees are planted for every bottle they ship to their consumers. Tracking their carbon footprint and green gas emissions at every step of the production has been critical to achieve their goal. In 2008 they joined the Wine Climate Change and BiodiversityProgram (Chile).

Sustainability is also all about creativity. Cono Sur understood this very well as they incorporated original production methods and new technologies into their practices. Did you know they groom their vineyards with geese and ducks and workers use bicycles to work in  the vineyards? How cool is that!?

To find out more about their initiatives and their complete list of certifications we invite you to visit Salud!